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Book Review . Memorial . Military . Law Enforcement . Vietnam . Honorable Intentions . American Warrior . Russelll Jones . Flag Day - June 14, 2014

Mr. Robert Jones via of amazon.com, sent me a complimentary copy for review.

This book was dedicated to the memory of brave men, who have served our country.

Mr. Jones deemed it prudent to protect identities, in his book.

Some events aren’t in chronological order & some have been condensed.

The reader, is cautioned for the language in the book has gritty language peppers military & law enforcement environments. In some passed he removed the profanity. (I did not place any profanity in my review).

Since, I am not a law enforcement nor military personnel, I did not emphasis much on law & military, so I would not be able to give this book a rating - for that reason.

The opinions expressed in this book are the author’s & don’t reflect the position of, nor the endorsement by any of the aforementioned associations, their members, officers, chapters, or boards.

He began to think back to his wedding reception & the last talk he had with Pastor bishop. Barely a week after graduation from flight school, Susan Cadloni he were married in Los Gatos at Calvary Baptist Church. She was his best friend & he knew she’d make a wonderful wife & mother. They had discussed whether they should get married before or after, Vietnam, & they decided to get married before. After the wedding ceremony, they held a reception in the Church gymnasium. Knowing he was off to Vietnam, everyone had a word of support for him.

They told him ‘we’ll be praying for you.’

They told him ‘they had faith he was doing the right thing. God bless you, &, remember, to God be the glory.’

Pastor bishop managed to get a few words in with him before he left the reception.

"Now don’t forget your Lord, Russ. Keep up with your Bible studies & attend Church. They expected him to be a witness for HIM while you’re serving your country. They would be praying for him & asking God to bless him with a safe return.

He asked ‘Doesn’t God already know what’s in store for me? … HE sure does.

Pastor Bishop gently placed his left hand on his shoulder, with, a soft smile, & a twinkle in his eye, simply, “Yes.”

It’s predestined, already written in the BOOK.

After completing high school in 1964, he majored in administration of justice for 2 years at West Valley College in Campbell, CA. Impatient to be out of his parents’ home & on his own he transferred for his 3rd year to John Brown University, a reputable Christian University, in Silaom Springs, Arkansas. He wasn’t ready for the rigors of a university, & a few of the courses in administration of justice from West Valley was not’ transferable into any program at John Brown. He was considered a sophomore while in his 3rd year of college. At 20 years of age, he found himself ready to be drafted into military service.

The navy & air force both confirmed that he needed a 4-yr degree to get into flight school, & neither of their programs for MP seemed attractive. While in the army recruiter’s office, he happened to notice a poster on the wall promoting their helicopter pilot program.

He asked “Does the army require a 4-year degree for flight school?”

No, sir. Only 2 years of college is required. Interesting in flying?

He was already writing an appointment slip for him. They test tomorrow at 1330.

March 7 was turning into a long & boring day as Reid & he flew Colonel Kroesen to various Lzs the Que Son Valley. They finally landed at LZ West & shut down. His crew sat around playing cribbage & waited while the Colonel conducted his business in the battalion tactical operations center (B-TOC).

He opened some C rations, ate peaches & pound cake, & then walked around among the soliders who had just returned or were getting ready to move out on patrol. Their body language showed braval, but their haunting eyes & faces displayed a common denominator of loneliness bewilderness, & fear. The day was hot. He looked at his watch & saw it was only 1420 (Military time). The day was dragging.

This time a solider was standing, marking the spot for them to land. Perfect. Right out of training manual. As he sat down to the left where others were ready to load the wounded. He noticed a body bag lying off to the side.

It wasn’t like in the movies. For a moment, it all seemed to be happening in slow motion.

He said ‘Jesus, what …?’ A shock wave slammed against his body & instantaneously , small holes appeared across his windshield. Then it felt like someone had thrown gravel at his helmet & chicken plate. His right leg jumped as he took several hits around the knee.

He had access to an airplane, & they’d frequently fly to South Lake Tahoe for a day or two.

On workdays, he arrived at the police station a half hour early & dressed in the locker room. He prepared for battle every morning. Before heading to briefing, he stopped in front of a full-length mirror & he would admire himself.

Back in CA, he continued working as a forensic consultant.

Those in the program whose background did indicate a substance showed characteristics of someone with underlying psychological issues or conditions. Whether the fault of private health insurance or lack of government programs, they were falling through the cracks of the mental health care system. It was clear that some of the court-referred clients were self-medicating, & they needed professional help above & beyond what could be provided in any thriteen-week court-mandated group program.

He was reminded of the hazards associated with untreated, self-medicating mentally disturbed individuals on an afternoon he attended the San Jose North Rotary Club. Pat Dwyer, a Rotary member who had been one of the sergeants, looked distraught as he came up to him before the meeting started.

"Did you hear the news? 2 officers are ‘down"’ …. One’s DOA . The other one in surgery.

He muddled through his talk to the Rotarians & then rushed over to the hospital to join the concerned crowd of police officers. He learned from them that Simpson had been called to a donut shop with a mentally disturbed homeless man. …. Let’s keep all our law enforcement in prayer.

During a tour of duty with the marines, his son Robert “Joey” Jones was sent to the army jump school at Fort Benning, Georgia. Upon his discharge from the military, he entered competition sky diving, eventually earning 5 world championships & 14 national championships. He has set several & has held the title of all-around champion of combined formation skydiving 3 times. Today, he contracts for specialized military sky-diving training. His clients have included the US Naval Special Warfare Development Group, along with Belgium, British, Canadian & Danish Special forces. He also contracts with several national skydiving competition teams, which he has coached to numerous championships. He & his wife Lena, a gold medal winner with the Swedish women’s skydiving team, reside in Empuriabrava,

Russell Jones (author), is an ocean sailor, combat helicopter pilot, police officer, & intelligence operative. Russell has experienced a life of adventure, risks, & struggles against man, machine, & nature. He holds Bachelor & Master degrees from the University of San Francisco. State 7 federal courts have recognized him as an expert in the psychological & physiological effects. He is frequently on TV & talk radio, & he is often a guest speaker at colleges, universities, & community service organizations across the nation.

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